Our Manifesto: Why We're Here

We believe that there is a second epidemic caused by the U.S. opioid epidemic. But it’s under-reported, under-treated, and under-researched. Families affected by those battling substance abuse disorders don’t have enough resources, enough knowledge, or enough tools to address the real challenges they face. Those challenges affect every aspect of their lives: psychological, biological, social, and spiritual.

That’s what we feel called to do: help these families with holistic resources, tools and knowledge to heal and strengthen.

Research shows that skills-based training programs for families of people with substance use disorders do improve outcomes for both the families and the individuals battling addiction. But there aren’t enough of those programs.

Families battle with deep-seated codependence: research to be published this fall uses brain scans on codependent family members, illuminating how those family members’ brains react to stimulus when they think about their addicted loved ones in the same way the addicts’ brains light up when they think of their DOC.

We believe that an answer to these challenges is a skills-based educational curriculum consisting of 12 to 14 key lessons. We are now in the process of researching and creating a curriculum that helps parents in particular to understand these essential concepts. Briefly, highlights include:

  • Education about addiction in general, including the disease concept, how drugs work in the human brain and both immediate and chronic effects of the addict’s drug of choice (DOC)
  • Discussing the heredity of the propensity for initial use to progress into dependence (the use/abuse/dependence cycle) in an effort to alleviate parents’ guilt and shame
  • Communication skills for setting and holding to healthy boundaries
  • Maintaining balance in the home to mitigate the effects of one person’s addiction on the family, particularly when there are other children in the home
  • Building a support community of other parents

The cycle of addiction and codependence has damaged enough families. Our goal is to help families break the cycle, heal and grow.

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