Family Resources

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find things to do with your kids and family instead of just finding things to keep them occupied. We don’t always feel like the perfect family: instead, sometimes we need a little help to get that togetherness feeling back. (And, spoiler alert: no-one has a perfect family.)

Here are a couple of resources for you while you’re at home during these interesting times.

First, I’ve created a list of questions that you can use as family conversation starters, and instructions to make mini stick cards. They’ll print out just the right size to glue to a tongue depressor-type craft stick, or you can glue them to card stock, laminate them, or stick them between clear contact paper. The choice is yours and I would love to have you share your completed project with me! Click here to download the PDF to print at home. (For more on this topic, see this article.)

Second, a couple of years ago, I came across a study that found clear benefits when we spend 15 minutes one-on-one with each of our children, twice a week. I called it #1500Minutes. Well, now we all have way more than 15 minutes twice a week, and sometimes it feels like an hour is #1500Minutes long. This resource gives you some fun ideas to spark new conversations with your kids. Click here to download the conversation idea PDF to print at home. (For more on this topic, see this article.)

I’d love to hear more about how these work for you – or other ideas you’ve had during this time of togetherness! Contact me here or find me on Instagram!

Aimee Clements-Hadfield, MSWi, CFLE-P is a founder of Hearten House, a multidisciplinary well-being haven where she and others in a variety of helping professions cultivate emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social health for individuals, families, and communities worldwide through education and therapeutic work.