Science’s Shortcut To Connecting With Your Kids [#1500Minutes]

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Join the #1500Minutes Movement: spend 15 minutes twice a week “in their world.”

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Ready for science’s shortcut to connecting with your kids? Here we go: A couple of weeks ago I was talking with one of my friends about quality time and connecting with kids. I casually mentioned that some experts say that we should be spending 15 minutes per day with each of our children doing an activity of the child’s choosing. And those experts say we should do it without “parenting,” meaning no guidance or direction, just having fun on the child’s level. Essentially, they recommend spending 15 minutes a day in our children’s world, with them as the center of our world.

Why? Spending that time with each child builds a regular connection. They’re used to talking with you when you’re doing something “regular” together, and are thus more likely to talk to you about important things. They’re less likely engage in behaviors you don’t appreciate or approve of. They become more open in general.

Now, I think most of us have the same reaction my friend had: “Where am I going to find 15 minutes per kid?”

15 minutes is hard to find with school, homework, dinner, and extra-curricular activities. It’s especially hard for families with multiple children, one parent, or both. Maybe 15 minutes per child per day is a stretch.

What about #1500Minutes?

But what could we realistically commit to do? If 15 minutes a day is too hard, what if we tried 15 minutes just twice a week? That adds up to only about 1500 minutes over the course of a year, and 1500 minutes doesn’t seem like much compared to the half a million minutes in a year (525,600 to be exact).

My friend thought this might make a really good New Year’s Resolution for her. I realized most families could benefit from parents making a conscious effort to spend 15 minutes of quality one-on-one time with each of their children twice a week.

Make the #1500Minutes Commitment

So let’s do it: let’s make the #1500Minutes commitment.

Join us: spend just 30 minutes a week in your child’s world while making it clear to them that they are the center of yours.

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